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Selena 14K Earrings

Selena 14K Earrings

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Selena 14K are irregular C-shaped earrings. The embodiment of the free spirit and the exception to the rule. Made of durable and rustproof material and dipped in genuine 14K gold, they will be your faithful companions on all occasions. Creates the perfect duo with Amy 14K ring.

Sold as a pair.

Materials: 14K Gold on Stainless Steel

Lenght: 21mm - 0.8"

Hoop Diameter: 18mm - 0.7”

Thickness: 2.07mm - 0.08”

Weight: 10g


Keep your jewelry away from water, lotions, creams, perfume and other liquids to maintain luster and prolong life.

Remove your jewelry before doing any activity that risks physical damage.

For more details, check out our Jewelry care guide.

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