Jewelry Care Guide


We are confident in the high quality of the materials from which our products are made. But even though our jewelry is waterproof, a little care will definitely prolong the life of Lakonique pieces.

How to wear?

  • Keep your jewelry away from water, lotions, creams, perfume, sweat and other liquids.
  • Avoid swimming, bathing or showering with jewelry on. 
  • Remove your jewelry before doing any activity that risks physical damage (while sleeping too). 
  • Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you remove upon coming home. 

How to store?

  • Your pieces should be completely dry before storing.
  • Use a soft microfibre Lakonique cloth to clean your pieces.
  • To minimize scratches and nicks, store it in our Lakonique pouches.
  • Store them separately to avoid damage.

The more intentional you are about caring for your jewelry, the longer it will last!

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