About Us

Welcome to LAKONIQUE, a Montreal-based company that believes jewelry can tell your story.

We are convinced that the jewelry we wear can tell more about us than we think. You wear the piece of jewelry that reflects your current mood and state of mind, that makes you feel alive and present.

Sometimes it really is much easier to show your story than to tell it.
You can remain very silent (and that's totally fine!), but your jewelry choices will say it all for you. That's how the name of this brand came about.
Lakonique - which means laconic, minimalistic, brief but clear.

All our jewelry is designed in a way that allows you to be creative.
Just put them together the way you like and show yourself off!
It's so easy to do because all of our jewelry has a minimalist touch.

We also believe that jewelry carries a lot of memories, so we always choose high quality materials so that you and your loved ones can wear our jewelry for a very long time.

We also have a collection handmade by Canadian designers. These jewelry pieces are not identical and only exist in a few copies, which makes it especially unique.

Our brand is all about self-love and self-acceptance.
We think life is beautiful just the way it is. It's very important for us not to embellish reality and not to impose any standards of beauty.
That's why we don't retouch the skin of the models in our photos.

Mental health comes first for us, so we always try to create a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere around our brand.

At Lakonique we are environmentally conscious so we use eco-friendly packaging.

Lakonique is something that even in everyday situations allows you to stop for a while and really enjoy the present. Let's enjoy it together! :)

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